This laboratory manual was designed to educate and develop integrated healthcare practices essential in delivering person-centered care. Participants will develop their ability to distinguish the role of their own profession and other healthcare professionals collaborating in the care coordination and case management of patients. The content and team-oriented activities in this manual provide guidance on advancing leadership and communication principles necessary for effective interprofessional communication and team collaboration. The well-researched material is tailored to build on the strengths of participants, while also identifying and encouraging areas for improvement.

I have had the privilege of participating in Integrated Team Health Care as both a nursing student and as a Teaching Assistant. The knowledge provided has developed my ability to utilize my strengths to be an increasingly effective member in collaborative care teams. Additionally, the content inspired introspection on important practice concepts such as communication practices, personal values, and implicit biases that shape my care delivery.

A great deal of research, effort, and care has gone into curating the well-rounded content provided in this manual. I encourage participants to capitalize on the many opportunities provided in this manual to develop a nuanced understanding of their role in integrated health care teams, and to grow versatile leadership skills necessary for the delivery of high-quality person-centered healthcare. I wish you all the best as you continue your healthcare professional journey.

—-Joshua Selwyn


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