20 Lab Exercise: Worksheet (Communication)



For this lab exercise you will:

  1. Choose effective communication tools and techniques, including information systems and communication technologies, to facilitate discussions and interactions that enhance team function (IPEC, 2011, CC1).
  2. Communicate information with patients, families, community members, and health team members in a form that is understandable, avoiding discipline-specific terminology when possible (IPEC, 2011, CC2).
  3. Express one’s knowledge and opinions to team members involved in patient care and population health improvement with confidence, clarity, and respect, working to ensure common understanding of information, treatment, care decisions, and population health programs and policies (IPEC, 2011, CC3).
  4. Listen actively, and encourage ideas and opinions of other team members (IPEC, 2011, CC4).


  1. REVIEW your knowledge concerning communication.
  2. As a team, ANSWER the following questions concerning communication skills important for healthcare professionals.
  3. REVIEW the Rubric.


  • What are verbal and nonverbal communication?  Give examples.




  • What does active listening look like?




  • What are the types of written communication performed by healthcare professionals?  Give examples.




  • What are the types of presentations performed by healthcare professionals?  Give examples.




  • How does cultural awareness impacts communication?  




  • What are various ways that healthcare professionals provide patient education?  Give examples.



RUBRIC – Worksheet (Communication)

0-5 Describes/defines verbal and nonverbal communication and offers relevant examples of each type.
0-5 Describes active listening.
0-5 Describes various examples of written communication used by health professionals.
0-5 Describes various examples presentations performed by healthcare professionals.
0-5 Describes the importance of cultural competency and it is demonstrated via communication.
0-5 Describes strategies for patient education used by healthcare professionals.


Interprofessional Education Collaborative Expert Panel.  (2011). Core competencies for interprofessional practice:  Report of an expert panel.  Washington, D.C.:  Interprofessional Education Collaborative


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