23 Lab Exercise: Start-Stop-Continue



For this lab exercise you will:

  1. Identify barriers to effective teamwork.
  2. Describe how team has developed team intelligence.
  3. Engage self and others to constructively manage disagreements about values roles, goals, and actions that arise among health and other professionals with patients, families, and community members (IPEC, 2010, TT6).
  4. Reflect on individual and team performance for individual, as well as team performance improvement (IPEC, 2010,TT8).


  1. This exercise offers teams a moment to pause and consider how their team is functioning.  It is usually placed as an exercise about halfway through the project or semester.
  2. If you and your team wrote a Team Charter previously, then REVIEW your Team Charter before answering the questions.
  3. As a Team, ANSWER the questions:
  • What behaviors, mindsets, or activities do we need to begin the next cycle (START)?
  • What are things that no longer serve us? What behaviors and practices harm us, of which we need to let go of (STOP)?
  • What behaviors, mindsets, or activities should stay as part of the team’s best practices (CONTINUE)?

RUBRIC – Start-Stop-Continue

10 1. Describes new knowledge, skills, and attitudes (KSAs) to strengthen and improve teamwork of our team (START)
10 2. Explains KSAs that are barriers to effective teamwork of our team (STOP)
10 3. Offers KSAs that need to be continued for effective teamwork of our team (CONTINUE)


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