The following people contributed text, revisions, and/or copy edits to the Writing Spaces Web Writing Style Guide:

  • Susan E. Antlitz, South University Online
  • Matt Barton, St. Cloud State University
  • Colin Charlton, University of Texas-Pan American
  • Dennis G. Jerz, Seton Hill University
  • James Kalmbach, Illinois State University
  • Virginia Kuhn, University of Southern Carolina
  • Charles Lowe, Grand Valley State University
  • Cedrick May, The University of Texas at Arlington
  • Patricia A. McCabe-Remmell, Technical Writer for Aslan Document Management Services
  • Craig A. Meyer, Ohio University
  • Rick Mott, Eastern Kentucky University
  • Holly Pappas, Bristol Community College
  • James P. Purdy, Duquesne University
  • Jim Ridolfo, University of Cincinnati
  • Kyle D. Stedman, University of South Florida
  • Pavel Zemliansky, James Madison University
  • Elizabeth D. Woodworth, Auburn University at Montgomery


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